Monday, 5 May 2014

Ten Tips For Installing A Wireless Burglar Alarm System


In order to make the most of your wireless alarm system consider the following.
  1. Choose an alarm system that operates on the dedicated narrow band wireless alarm frequency (868 MHz).  This will ensure that the system is not easily blocked or jammed by overcrowding.
  2. Make sure that the system you choose is 2-way.  Some cheaper systems are 1-way and will not interrogate the devices on the system.  A 2-way system will report on the condition of the batteries and the status of the system.
  3. Carefully site the control panel and detectors.  Metal is the sworn enemy of wireless signals - particularly ferrous.  Before finally installing the panel and detectors you can walk around the premises with an enrolled detector and check the wireless signal strength.
  4. Do not install the control  panel near the entry/exit door - the intruder may be tempted to try and smash the panel.  Yes the alarm will still sound, but it is better if the intruder just decides that it is not worth the risk of trying to find the control panel and leaves.
  5. Many control panels have a built in sounder.  Consider disabling this, or siting it in a place remote from the panel. If the alarm system is programmed to dial out then you must delay the internal and external sounders to allow the system to complete its dialling.
  6. Consider adding perimeter detection devices e.g. shock detectors to the more vulnerable parts of the property.
  7. Ensure that the external sounder is clearly visible and that the comfort LEDs are switched on.  Also consider fitting a decoy external sounder.
  8. Ensure that the system is programmed correctly for the users needs and that each user knows how to correctly operate the system.  A system that false alarms regularly is annoying and loses its effectiveness.
  9. Keep the alarm system well maintained.  If the system tells you that one or more batteries are running low then change them as soon as possible.
  10. Keep all the security codes secret.  If you do have to tell someone the codes then change the codes immediately they are not needed by the third party.  If users are using wireless keyfobs or proximity tags and they get lost then remove them from the system immediately.
The equipment we supply is all 2-way and is as used by professional installers.

Our most popular systems are listed below.  Clicking on the links will take you to the relevant page on our website,

Visonic Powermax
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The 10 tips are not exhaustive,  Feel free to add comments.

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