Friday, 9 December 2011

Arm in the way (Arming Away)

I recently moved house and decided to install a wireless burglar alarm.  I plumped for the Visonic Powermax Pro - excellent piece of kit by the way.  I had it installed in less than two hours with 30 minutes of that time spent connecting it to the mains via a fused spur.  Anyway, my girlfriend Val and I were going for a night out and Val was stood near the front door with her arm on the door handle as I pressed the Arm away button on the keyfob.  The panel announced 'Arming Away - please exit now'.  Val immediately dropped her arm and turned to me and said 'How did it know that'.

More about the Visonic Powermax Range of wireless alarm systems

True story, honest.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

CCTV For the Home

CCTV systems have now become really affordable for the home user. Once thought of as an expensive luxury, fully functional CCTV systems with say four indoor/outdoor day/night cameras are available for around £400. The added bonus is that they are viewable over the Internet, have hard drives as standard and are very user friendly. Sapphire CCTV have great range of DIY kits that are easy to fit and will give so much peace of mind whenever you leave your premises. Imagine being able to look outside and inside your property while you are on holiday or on a night out or anywhere you have a mobile phone or PC or iPad, or Blackberry. Fantastic.

CCTV Systems are actually easier todesign and fit than Burglar Alarms.  Systems comprise a DVR (digital Video Recorder), cameras (one per channel) and one or more monitors.  The software in modern DVRs is very sophisticated and is capable of triggering recording on motion detection - including pre-event and post-event triggers.

Fitting CCTV is the next logical extension to your property's security.